#27 - The Tremendous #DumpTrump Trump Dump

The Tremendous #DumpTrump Trump Dump

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Donald J. Trump.  He’s a dick.  He’s not very smart.  Hell, he’s not even all that rich.  So why do people like him? Graham and I explore everything, but that thing he calls his hair.

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April 16th-18th. www.democracyawakening.org. March.

You have reached a place where… according to the Trump-Trolls every day we figuratively sautee a Bald Eagle in reduced blood of hard-working Americans, accompanied by a side of criminally delectable illegal-immigrant-picked rosemary and potatoes, garnished with a sprig of hopes and dreams of little white children.  All ingredients paid for via food stamps.

This is of course Majority Villain where we podcast the shit out of democracy.  Here we are recording on Easter - hoping you all had a nice time with family and friends. From Göppingen, Germnay, I’m your host Greg Haddock. I can burp the alphabet!  Joining me in Colorado is my co-host Graham Rue - he still writes his name on his underwear.

If this is your first time hearing this, we promise one thing - by the end of this show you will not be more stupider.  That we guarantee.  

We don’t collect donations, and we do not advertise. We’re not news.  We embrace that.  Like saying Bernie Sanders has a 6 foot penis.  You can’t say that on any official news network - we just did.  Advantage: Majority Villain.  Our goal is to give you a good laugh, some serious shit to ponder, and maybe help strengthen or challenge the arguments or points of view you already hold dear.  But most of all, get you to PARTICIPATE in the conversation of what George Carlin called, “a system that threw us overboard 30 fucking years ago”.
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Democracy is never guaranteed.  Our democracy is an amalgamation, a collection of incremental steps either toward or away from the power of the people. Let’s try not to fuck that up!

Small Talk
Sanders crushes Hillary in Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska.  2:1, 2:1, 4:1 respectively.

Illinois: Bill Clinton in polling places again???? SERENITY NOW!!!!

33% of Berners will NOT support Hillary under any circumstances. Will you vote for her if she gets it? Why or why not?

Brussels - 32 dead ISIS Attack.  Come from “Mullenbeck” neighborhood.
    -Joshua Hersh on Democracy Now!
    -Cruz: Need to patrol Muslim Neighborhoods
    -Not the only terrorist attack in March: Pakistan, Pakistan, Ivory Coast, Turkey, Nigeria, and Iraq.

-Diane sent in another great article from Bill Curry entitled, “It should be over for Hillary: Party elites and MSNBC can’t prop her up after Bernie’s Michigan miracle” which is a devastating critique of how old school measured politics attempts to reproduce establishment politics, and therefore cannot explain a Bernie Sanders.  It was a Tremendous piece well written and Yugely uplifting to read.

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Main Topic
The Tremendous #DumpTrump Trump Dump
“Bullets in pig’s blood”
“Kill their families”

ISIS Muslim (not a muslim) attacks the stage at Trump
BERN - Arab woman (Danny DeVito) rushes the stage at Sanders rally.

Who are the Trump fans?  “Honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay”.  They are witness to an assumed “collapse of the white man’s empire” and that hurts.  They are the “I never hurt a black man or mexican personally so I couldn’t possibly be a part of the problem & I always provide for my wife and family - I’M THE GOOD GUY”. These are company men who have built up America with their bare hands seeing their position and power slipping away.  Where is the promise of American exceptionalism for them?  Alternatively, there is a growing group who see themselves as having sold their soul to the company store and are now getting fucked. This is the meeting point of white privilege and the inevitable collapse of the white super power which has been in process for many years.  Given this vision of a receding advantage for whites, and the fact that many Trump supporters are going to be poor, hearing a movement’s message like “Black Lives Matter” isn’t what is computed, but instead “White Lives Don’t Matter” is what is heard, and the response gets articulated into something much more deceptive like “All Lives Matter”.

    Meanwhile, we’ve all heard things like, “If Bill Gates dropped a hundred dollar bill it would actually not be worth his time to stop and pick it up”.  Accepting that this may or may not be true - the fact that we would need to debate or even have a conversation about it is DIABOLICALLY PERVERSE.  Meanwhile, there are millions who would literally suck a dick for a tenth of that.  And we think of Gates as one of the good guys!!!  
The takeaway from this comment is that in order for billionaires to exist, there has to be extreme inequality.

"Socialism never took root in America because the poor there see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires." - John Steinbeck

What’s it like at a Trump Rally?

“See, it all went back to the events of 1954 — are you paying attention? 1954, three events. Sputnik. The Highway Bill. And Brown vs. the Board of Education. Sputnik really put the flame under our ass and the government dumped money into schools like we’d never seen.
After I said hi, I said I was looking for help in persuading my family members to come around for Trump since some of them (truthfully! distant relatives) were voting for Cruz.

“Fuck your family. If they gave a shit about this country they’d be here too.” She gestured to her camo-clad sons. They looked like potatoes cross-bred with human thumbs.

(When Trump took the stage) “Some deep part of me, some primordial and innocent part of me that I never knew was there until that very instant, closed its eyes and died.”

Trump had people raise their right hand and repeat after him, then he’d go too fast or say things that were too long for people to really repeat accurately. You could see some subtle satisfaction on Trump’s face as he did this — nobody in the world has more contempt for Trump supporters than Donald J. Trump himself.


“The deepest irony of the whole thing was being surrounded by people who mock ... ‘safe spaces’ while crying for the government to build a literal wall around them all.”
there’s some hole in me now that can only be filled by bringing three simple words to life:

Trump. Concession. Speech.
Jackson, Max. https://medium.com/@bindingwave/florida-man-goes-undercover-at-a-trump-rally-51ec77e08eed#.h8bc7q5vl

Donald Trump is accessible, because he doesn't use that “fancy talk” that other folk do. I think this explains a lot of the voter apathy.  Aside from the fact that we are all perfectly aware that politics are not working, it seems like an intimidation of the issues and an inability to intellectually debate the issues shies people away from the process.  What that means is that many people who are confused about the details of various political topics are actually less likely to engage and instead simply unplug and avoid the issue until moved in a more visceral way… a way that emotionally engages them to participate: abortion, gun rights, veterans issues, terrorism.  Another way of thinking about this is to ask yourself: When is the last time an argument or fact changed the way your thinking or behavior?

Is it good that Trump’s rally was cancelled in Chicago? What about free speech? What does it mean to make America great again?  It takes great measures of patience and empathy to really unravel that question for many Americans. From where will Trump’s import his next immigrant wife? What exactly do you want your community or neighborhood to look like?
“Make America Great Again”. “Deutschland Über Alles”?

Could you imagine a late-night online president Trump freak out?  Like a Charlie Sheen/David Hasselhoff style youtube live scenario?

Rise of the Right in Europe….
AfD election sweeps in 3 states in Germany.  Anti-refugee sentiment

Anxiety of other cultures and over-arching intolerance of specific races is like reading “Diary of Anne Frank”  and saying out loud “Oh thank god.  At least it has a happy ending”.  

When did Trump’s family come to America?  Cruz?  Rubio?  Pff - my family, the Haddocks came to the America’s in the 1600’s before there were a United - anything… The next person who opens their mouth about right to migrate can go ahead and just get the fuck out of here.  Seriously, Donald Trump’s grandfather was born Friederich Trump of Germany.  The original family name was “Drumpf” as was popularized by John Oliver on Last Week Tonight, and according to Alexander Panetta of The Canadian Press, Trump’s grandfather had made his fortune in the Yukon at the turn of the century:
“The bulk of the cash flow came from the sale of liquor and sex… He returned to Germany with US$582,000 in today's currency, and found a wife. But he was greeted as a draft-dodger for being away and becoming a U.S. citizen during his military years. So he was deported from his own country. He boarded a ship for New York, his wife pregnant with Donald's dad.”
No wonder Trump wants to keep immigrants out.  He clearly empathizes with those who cannot go home.  Oh wait, I meant THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THAT.
The way biography writer Gwenda Blair speaks of Donald Trump, one would easily see Trump is just a military-dodging, hollow marketing opportunist who comes from a family who specializing loopholes.
Blair, Gwenda. “The Trumps: Three Generations That Built an Empire”. http://www.journalism.columbia.edu/profile/165-gwenda-blair/.
Deutsche Welle. What Donald Trump learned from his German grandpa Friedrich Drumpf. http://www.dw.com/en/what-donald-trump-learned-from-his-german-grandpa-friedrich-drumpf/a-18701551
Oliver, John. Make Donald Drumpf Again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnpO_RTSNmQ.
Panetta, Alexander. The Canadian Press. Donald Trump's grandfather ran Canadian brothel during gold rush, author says. www.cbc.ca/news/canada/trump-canada-yukon-1.3235254.

How can we gently “shame” our Trump friends?
But I wanna be clear about this point here… If Clinton, Cruz, or Trump were to win the presidency do you think they would feel any obligation to it’s constituency?  I don’t.  They will immediately turn to the donors that donated to their campaigns, because we all know you do NOT bite the hand that feeds.  When it comes to Bernie, WE are the hand!  As much as we shower Bernie with praise today, nobody would harder on him on day 1 than us.  As soon as he would be sworn in my thought would be “Get back to work!  This shit ain’t gonna fix itself - and don’t you ever think you don’t work for us.  You are our employee.  YOU OUR BITCH, NOW.


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