Bernie Or Bust? -An MV Short

See, so many think that a vote for Hillary is a vote for the left.
But America deserted that position over 40 years ago.  Clinton isn’t our friend.  Obama tried, but has largely failed to fill that role.  They want to convince us to play ball no matter who is on the field.


This is the suicide of our future.  We must show the establishment that there are real consequences for committing us to a future to shitty minimum wages, extreme college debt, lack of access to single payer healthcare, being friends with dirty money on Wall Street, and war after war after war..  Hillary MUST make MAJOR concessions before she can expect our support.  

Bernie wins or Bernie loses - this fight marches on - and we need UNITY.  Occupy Wall Street opened up a dialogue, but it was largely ineffective in long term mobilization because it lacked clear concise goals, specific demands, and crossroads of accountability.  Bernie is not once in a lifetime, because Bernie is the amalgamation of ideas - and those ideas are US.  and WE WILL move forward regardless of the establishment outcome.

We are villains.  We are the majority. 
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