What is the "Bust" in Bernie Or Bust?

We are told that it is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

But crazy inequality shows us only that the richest of the rich - the 1% of the 1% already have “thy kingdom come” - their will is always done - on earth as we’re promised our reward is in heaven.

I’m beginning to think that camels enter heaven at the same rate the rich fit through the eyes of needles, and I’m beginning to think, “who needs education and health care and a healthy earth and peace.”  Who needs Muhammad, the Buddha or Jesus when we’ve got elites to lead us.

Fuck Socialism - I’m in it for myself.  I’ve found my god - the almighty dollar.

PRAY that you can PAY
Outrageous wages for the day
Slavery not far away

Be ENTERTAINED and DO NOT TRUST your neighbor.

Murder the needs of the other.  Place #1 above the rest.  Altruism is just a test.  To see.  Who.  Is.  Weak.

Festering whispers of injustice have us dreaming of silence on the lips of those who are needy - their cries are obtrusive, inconvenient on the news it’s - much more fun to hate a stranger - to not trust the world’s imperfections, instead embracing with PROCLAMATION that THIS is the way the GOOD LORD intended it all to be.

“Love your enemy”, “feed and clothe the least of these”, “be wary of markets in the temple” are NOT commandments.  They’re not even popular to think in solitude.  No.

When Jesus said, “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first” what he really meant was “Fuck your neighbor - you are STRONGER without him.”
Do NOT look UP to billionaires to solve your problems or you will look UP for a lifetime.

And if the words “BERNIE OR BUST” ever escaped your lips it is your DUTY to embrace the moment of the revolution before you now.  It is your DUTY to BUST.  IF or WHEN the time comes to bust, then BUST WE SHALL.

But will your move be to bust OUT or to bust APART?  Because a boycott is one response - take up your ball and go home.  ORyou can join a coordinated effort with an even more progressive platform that Bernie Sanders’.

End 2-party elite politics.  Help save a dying planet.  Donate $27 and change your party affiliation to Green.  No more war, no more profits over people.  Jill2016.  Sign and share this pledge, giving leverage now to Bernie in Philadelphia, and a coordinated Phase II effort to BUST OUT in a massive display of people power.

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