#NoDAPL - Happy Thanksgiving

#33 - Standing Rock

Thanksgiving is such an amazing holiday. Let's honor it by giving ourselves a much-needed reminder.

In North Dakota, right now is the largest gathering of Native American tribes since 1876 at the Battle of Little Bighorn - also known as Custer’s Last Stand. If you don’t know that story, spoiler alert - it doesn’t end well for Custer. As these land and water protectors brave the cold, give mind to them as we enjoy all that has been given to us.

Eat. Drink. Be Grateful.

Be grateful it’s not your family’s plight tonight.
When ancient burial grounds and the fights for rights,
Rage on as the news stay silent, out of sight.
Water is the new gold, not about who is wrong or white.

Give thanks.

Or just say fuck ‘em - those protectors, when #NoDAPL gives us lectures.
Never in media a conjecture, that’s the price for stealing hectares.
Arrest them, contest them, in county jail strip molestin’ for objectors.
The world weeps with beat up, bruised up, and shot up indians from a hundred different sectors.

Give thanks. Never in our lives have so many different tribes come together.

Not for celebration but once again a price on their land for which they stand and,
In the ice-cold night they are tear-gassed and Bull Conner-style water cannoned.
Let’s never say we never learned nuanced nothings of these noble natives in this lesson.
Are they cold? How ‘bout more government blankets - keep ‘em guessin’.

Aggressive aggression. Give thanks.

Feast with family today and pray the prayers you’ll pray,
Hundreds of tribes will wait, wondering what we gave,

What will we say?

Sure as pie’s made from molasses, these natives saved our asses.

More than once. Give thanks.

And time again it passes, what do we say to kids who ask us
Why do natives still fight on grasses,
When the cowboys retired in masses?

What are they doing there? Just tell them.

We did nothing - as a black pipe was laid through their sacred land,
What’s one more black snake slithering stomach to the sand,
Risk all of our water for a buck - is that their plan?
Save the climate, save the natives, and give a finger to the man.
Happy Thanksgiving to our protectors at Standing Rock camp.

I love Thanksgiving. I love the food, I love the family and the friends, I love the atmosphere. I love the feeling about how proud I am to be American. It’s true, it’s not hokey. Family. Friends. Warm food, warm feelings. Nothing in this moment can stir that. Except in realizing that we risk continuing to bastardize this day in not acknowledging the great sacrifice American Indians have paid for us. Dakota means “ally” or “friend”. Give thanks for the land you stand on, because as the good Lord makes us stewards of the earth, it is the land of the original natives that we give thanks for. And somehow this fight continues on and on.

Support Standing Rock at www.standwithstandingrock.net. Make a phone call, sign the petition, write a check.

Status quos are for suckers.

Music provided by the Free Music Archive with Creative Commons Licensing. Today’s music is from The Daizy Factory.