The Empire Strikes Back

A long time ago our country elected Barack Obama in what seemed to be the beginning of a new hope. With this choice the country told the elites and the establishment that all too famous motto “Yes we can.” And we could have. If it weren't for Republican obstructionism and Democratic defeatism, we probably could have done a lot more. Instead, eight years later, we allowed the conservative branch of our country to retake the executive, the legislative, and soon the judiciary powers. Yes people, the EMPIRE did strike back and it did so in the most ironic way possible. On Wednesday, November 9, 2016 a lot of us probably felt as if Darth Vader himself made the shocking yet inevitable reveal that no one saw coming: “No USA, I AM your President.” Boy do I know how Luke felt; alone and on the edge of a precipice.

But none of us are alone. The Millennium Falcon is not far away. So as we reflect on what the hell just happened, progressives must remember a few things.

We fought very hard to get a candidate that was honest, genuine, and with a spotless track record. Bernie Sanders represented more than just another liberal candidate. He was the answer to the growing populist movement on the right; our own grassroots movement. Instead, we went with the least popular candidate possible. A candidate who represented the very evils the voters are striving to fight, namely corporate greed and legalized corruption. That candidate could neither relate nor understand the voters and brushed off our warnings with such elitist disdain. In an uninspiring turn of events, liberal voters “cryogenized” the fearless and free-spirited Bernie Sanders and handed him to the repulsive and corrupt mobster “Democrat the Party”. It is no surprise that according to The New York Times 42% of women voted for the misogynist and 29% of Hispanics voted for the candidate defending mass deportation. Trump was clearly a lousy candidate, but by ignoring 45% of registered democrats the Democratic Party nominated an even lousier candidate. So dear progressives, never forget that you are not to blame. The Party and its candidate carry the sole responsibility of this defeat.

We must come to the realization that the republic is desperate to put an end to elitist establishment politics. Everywhere around the galaxy we are witnessing a political class that has run out of ideas to solve the more pressing issues. Unfortunately, that desperation led to Trump’s ascension to the Oval Office. He was perceived to be an outsider whose inexperience and political incorrectness was a quality. Democrats MUST acknowledge that by mocking Bernie Sanders they committed an almost criminal yet fatal mistake; one that we as a nation will pay dearly.

My dear progressives, pull back we must, gather our spirits and reorganize we shall; live to fight another day. I bet you know how this story ends. Like the Jedi, we will RETURN. We will unleash a progressive force so overwhelming it will crush the narrow-minded, conservative, self-destructive ideology that has just shaken the foundations of our country. But first we have to unfreeze Bernie from the clutches of Democrat the Party. I still believe that the DNC can be overtaken by real progressives who care about future generations. Shockingly, per Pew Research, only 19% of voters were Millennials even though they represent an equal political force (31%) to the Baby Boomer generation.  We have to realize that each and every one of us is part of the force; our words, our voice, and our energy will lift progressive candidates to the center of our government. CHIN UP! Soon we will be dancing with Ewoks and playing drums on Stormtrooper helmets…;

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