Women's March - Heidelberg, Germany

#36 - Freudian-Style Crowd Envy

He's got small hands, and even smaller crowds...

 *CALL TO ACTIVISM* A decision to use “State of Emergency” powers to undo the first state-wide “Anti-Corruption Act” in the South Dakota legislature have been postponed until February 1st following public outcry. Check out this link - and call South Dakota Senator Blake Curd and tell him you demand he uphold the will of voters. www.represent.us

I’ve seen many comments on social media about people saying that we should accept the results of this election, come together, hope for the best, support our president and give him a chance. I do believe that when President Trump gets it right, we ought to let him know it. When that day comes, I will be the first to say what a tremendously huge thing is, whatever that thing is.

Until then, the question I seem to receive over and over again is “He won. It’s over. So why are you continuing to protest President Trump?” I suppose the question is fair, so let’s have at it then, shall we?

However, before we do let’s address this concern of Russian interference in the election. While there certainly remains an awful lot of accusations about it, actual “election fraud” and proof thereof remains an arduous task not yet completed. What’s more, the United States must love calling the kettle black as the USA’s own history of open election tampering in other countries, including Russia, is as colorful as the baboon ass Donald Trump calls his face. Even if it were true - it has become an extremely convenient scapegoat for the Democratic Party’s total failure during the election.

So, where does that leave us with President Donald J. Trump? For a moment set aside all talk of racism, sexism, and elitism.

And set aside brash disregard for the Emoluments clause of the constitution concerning foreign gifts and the Logan Act regarding family ties in the oval office.

Pay no attention to political gaffes regarding foreign countries and the diplomatic norms set in stone for decades, or that he dislikes reading, multiculturalism, security briefings, big gloves, and .

Ignore for a moment the handicapped impersonations, proclamations of love for the poorly educated, and endorsements of mob violence.

Take no notice of fake news’ citations and his citing that the news is fake.

Repudiate yourself about his tweeting.

Suppress your imagination of what he’s doing at 3am when he is tweeting.

Pardon the major announcements made by tweeting.


Overlook this one time the White House cabinet with more money than 1/3 of Americans.

Nullify your opinions on executive orders suppressing a woman’s right to choose, legalizing discrimination against LGBTQ - Just brush off the oil pipelines through native lands as nothing more than business as usual, and DO look the other way as he will on climate change.

Discount Donald’s delusions of grandeur, self-embodied as glorified savior. Neglect his smart brain full of the best words, and omit the psychologists whose public announcement prop-up the public’s sentiment the new president suffers from “Textbook narcissistic personality disorder.”

In fact, you could tune out the millions turned off during the inauguration. Let it go that three times more people protested his day one than joined in on it. Pass over the nearly 5 million people worldwide who joined one of planet Earth’s largest organized movements of our species history.

Yes, it’s true - forget all of these things and our 45th president isn’t half bad. Sticking your head in the sand is one way to move forward. Watch and wait to “see what happens”. Pay no mind the lowest approval rating in decades, avoid the number of people he’s managed to piss off in his first 72 hours, look the other way as the rich guy vows to save you from rich guys by surrounding himself with other rich guys…


Do NOT ignore his frail ego -

BE AWARE of his alt-right, alt-facts, alt-universe.

RECOGNIZE a dictator-in-the-making.

RECALL your high school civics class and

REMINISCE and RESPOND First they came for the Muslims - and we said “Not this time mother fucker”.

When Andi and I went to the Heidelberg Women’s March - some people here asked us “What do you expect to change” and implied that driving 2 hours to a march in another city on the other side of the world was hardly revolutionary, hardly effective, hardly meaningful. Imagine if worldwide all 4.6 million participants thought the same thing. Don’t let anybody tell you that your actions are meaningless. We are all part of the revolution!

Special thanks to all of the organizers of the January 21st Women’s March: Democrats Abroad in Heidelberg, in Washington DC, and everyone who stands for human rights across our pale blue dot. #HDWomensMarch #Heidelberg @WomensMarchHD

More thanks to DA Stuttgart, Tracy, Jessica, Veronica, Fletcher, Sally Grayson of Blackswift for amazing music, and of course White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

All music today provided by Creative Commons licensing via Youtube and www.FreeMusicArchive.com. Music today from Kevin Macleod and intro by Evil Bear Boris.

Show artwork CC via Flickr by @alans1948.