Full Interview with Jay! #BOTL

Full Interview with Jay from Best of the Left
Congratulations on 10 years of podcasting!

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Jay! Tomlinson is my guest today and host of the award-winning podcast Best of the Left.  He became seriously interested in politics in 2003 during the Iraq war invasion.  With zero experience editing audio or managing a website Tomlinson launched Best of the Left in January 2006 at the age of 23. In 2009 the show won it's first Podcast Award in the Best Produced category and then again in 2012.  With help from activist/journalist, Katie Klabusich the show has been refined and expanded over the years to now include voicemails from listeners and activism segments produced in-house that give listeners an outlet to make a difference in the stories they hear on the show.  It is an extremely hands-on approach to podcasting.

Now, with 10 years of podcasting, Jay is a pioneer in podcasting, and with almost 1000 episodes, Best of the Left is one of the best shows there is for receiving the rundown on all that progressive radio and television has to offer.

Visit Best of the Left at bestoftheleft.com.
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Great piece on “Black Lives Matter” #BLM from Best of the Left
-“How Obama Enable Atrocities” by Robert Parry