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Understanding White Power

This is the America that Kaepernick is protesting, and he’s waiting alongside millions of others for something better.


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Pray the Pain Away

"God can use this man."

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2015 Paris Climate Agreement Revisited

"I'm talking to a bear in a bra!" "Um, It's a bikini."

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"Eat shit, Charlie Sheen!"

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Minority Hero (single)

A Song for the 1%

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Democratizing Democracy

“Even the noblest god-king does us no good if his first born son is an asshole.”

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Check Your Math

"Comedian Jimmy Dore went on a tear aimed at the Washington Post... People are willing to take a lot of information at face value. In those cases, it’s easy for someone to be misled."

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All Hail the Minority Hero!

Richard Wolff Cuts the Sh*t

"I'm in the shit camp."

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